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The Case of the Inmate and the Extra Pancakes

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From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

While serving a jail term for stealing money from a concession stand, Heriberto Rodriquez took a job dishing out food in the Hamilton County jail kitchen so he could get out early.

He was fired from that job – which gave him three days credit for each day in jail – because he ladled out too much food, an act that helped a judge decide Wednesday to have pity on Rodriquez and free him.

Rodriquez was supposed to give Hamilton County Justice Center inmates two pancakes each but he was caught giving several twice that much. …

“Go home,” [Judge Melba] Marsh said. “Get your big box of Aunt Jemima and eat all you want, Mr. Pancake.”

Written by sara

November 7, 2010 at 10:13 am

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