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  • OK, so, here’s the case of the week. Fulton County, Ga. (which includes most of Atlanta plus some of its suburbs), has inmates sleeping on the floor because its jail is so overcrowded. In settling a 2004 federal lawsuit over these conditions, the county agreed to fix this. Specifically, the county said it would purchase a jail from the City of Atlanta to use. Only now, the county says it doesn’t have the money to go through with the purchase. Federal judge Marvin Shoob’s response:

“We’re running a jail like a Third World country,” Shoob said. “I don’t care where they get the money.”

Shoob told Ware to inform the Fulton county commissioners to move ahead with the sale. If there is resistance, Shoob said, “I’ll let them know I’ll send them to the federal penitentiary. I really mean it.”


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August 19, 2011 at 8:59 am

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