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Monday Roundup

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  • 18-year-old dies in Florida juvenile jail: as he was dying, “staffers at the Palm Beach Regional Juvenile Center did not call 911 for help.”
  • Jail officials defend shackling women while they are giving birth: since 2000, 13 states have banned this practice; elsewhere, jail administrators oppose efforts to ban.
  • The war on drugs is a war on people: Doug Berman notes this firsthand account from a woman who’s served 21 years in federal prison for six weeks of crack dealing.
  • Downsizing the prison population in California: The state says it will meet the Supreme Court’s first population reduction benchmark, albeit a month late, by January 27, 2012. By that time, California aims to get its prison rolls down to 167% of design capacity.
  • A recent iteration of the local TV news perennial, “Jails so crowded inmates sleeping on floor.”
  • Ohio has eliminated over 1,000 prison jobs as a result of privatization.
  • 12-week program lets Tennessee prisoners earn early release.
  • The Museum of Crime and Punishment opens in Washington.
  • Texas prison auctioned for $6 million.
  • Prison overcrowding in France.

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August 1, 2011 at 7:03 am

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