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Ohio Inmate Denied Medical Care Commits Suicide

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On June 1, Greg Stamper hanged himself at Ohio’s Allen Correctional Institution. Here’s an excerpt from the press release I received from the Ohio Justice and Policy Center:

He was suffering excruciating pain as a result of a nerve condition, and Dr. Myron Shank had refused to give him pain medications multiple times for non-medical reasons.

“We were preparing to file suit when we learned of Mr. Stamper’s death last night,” said David A. Singleton, executive director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. Mr. Stamper suffered from acute peripheral neuropathy. As a result of nerve damage, he felt as if the affected parts of his body were on fire. “We are deeply saddened by Mr. Stamper’s death. He was in obvious pain but the institutional doctor refused to treat him,” added Singleton. “We will do what we  need to do to ensure that medical care is provided to prisoners who need it.”

Dr. Myron Shank is a medical doctor employed by the state of Ohio to provide medical services to inmates at Allen Correctional Institution, where Stamper was incarcerated.  Shank removed Stamper from his medication after accusing Stamper of being a drug addict.  Shank refused to put Stamper back on any medicine to control Stamper’s pain.

The Ohio Justice and Policy Center, as class counsel on the Fussell v. Wilkinson settlement, works to guarantee constitutionally adequate medical care in Ohio prisons. OJPC, since the beginning of 2010, has pointed out problems with Dr. Shank refusing to provide care to patients, but the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections has continued to employ him.

And a quick programming note: I’ve been pretty intermittent with blogging this spring due to academic commitments, but am gearing up to a more regular blogging schedule. In the interest of getting the information out quickly, I’ll be posting a few press releases and links that have backed up in my inbox, without much commentary or editing. But look for more commentary and editing in weeks to come.

Written by sara

June 22, 2011 at 11:34 am

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  1. Check out this Action Report dated February 22, 2011. Looks like the good doctor was already in a heap of alleged trouble.

    Click to access 0111MFAL.pdf

    SHANK, Myron Lyle (MD #35.057234) – Lima, OH
    “Based on doctor’s alleged practice below the minimal standards of care and violation of Board rules related to prescribing controlled substances in care rendered to 11 specified patients, including, but not limited to, inappropriately continuing to prescribe narcotics to patients who were not compliant with clinical instructions; inappropriately prescribing narcotics for treatment of fibromyalgia; failing to follow up on a needle biopsy performed for possible malignancy; inappropriately continuing to prescribe controlled substance stimulants despite the presence of possible contraindications; inappropriately prescribing sedating medications to a patient diagnosed with sleep apnea; maintaining incomplete, often illegible and/or unprofessional medical charts; and prescribing controlled substances to patients for whom doctor failed to recognize drug seeking behavior. Notice of opportunity for hearing mailed 1/13/11.”


    June 22, 2011 at 11:46 am

  2. […] the 1st of this month, an Ohio inmate who was denied medical care committed suicide. The prisoner, Greg Stamper hanged himself at Ohio’s Allen Correctional Institution. The press […]

    • its a shame what happened to greg.he was in no way an addict i was in the same cell with him for 3 years at a very good person and did suffer from chronic pain.also just like to state the people he had killed were people who broke in his house clubed him over the head while he was sleeping.greg was not your tipical criminal.i think there should be criminal charges on that so called doctor

      jeremy booher

      December 11, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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