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Hiatus Roundup

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Newt Gingrich calls for prison reform, and other news that piled up over my hiatus:

  • Arkansas could slash its prison rolls by diverting drug offenders and expanding medical parole.
  • California is lagging behind on prison construction program authorized in 2007.
  • New year’s turnover: Florida hires away Indiana’s director of corrections; Ohio’s new corrections head comes from the private Corrections Corporation of America.
  • Georgia prison strike: Advocates for prisoners allege beatings; GBI says it will investigate.
  • Hawaii may be systematically keeping its inmates in prison longer than their sentences.
  • Detainees sleeping on floors? Peoria County (Ill.) hopes that its new jail beds will solve that problem.
  • Some New Jersey inmates will go home early if they complete drug treatment.
  • Pennsylvania legislator will propose limits on parole eligibility for certain repeat violent offenders, “in light of the fact that police officers have been killed by parolees.”
  • Virginia inmate sues over placement in a men’s prison — she was born male but reassigned surgically as a female due to birth defects.
  • Canada should reopen its prison farms, recommends a public safety committee report.
  • President vows reform of Chile’s drastically overcrowded, dangerous prison system; Catholic monsignor describes the country’s prisons as “garbage cans, where people are treated like human garbage.”

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January 10, 2011 at 11:45 am

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