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Gov. Cuomo: “An Incarceration Program Is Not an Employment Program”

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Cheers to New York’s new governor, Andrew Cuomo, who’s vowed to restructure and maybe even close the state’s notorious juvenile justice facilities:

Cuomo said he understands the importance of keeping jobs, but that doesn’t justify the cost to the taxpayer and the risk to the young people who are in programs that aren’t working, many of them hundreds of miles from home.

“An incarceration program is not an employment program. If people need jobs, let’s get people jobs,” he said in his address Wednesday.

One of my first posts here at Prison Law Blog was on the especially infamous Tryon juvenile facility upstate, which is scheduled to shut its doors in just a few weeks. One of Gov. Cuomo’s proposals is to shorten the current 12-month waiting period that draws out the closure process for these facilities.

Written by sara

January 10, 2011 at 8:36 am

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  1. Commissioner Gladys Carrion had four years to make all kinds of improvements at Tryon Facilities but she didn’t, she failed all those youth and her employees by sabotaging these facilities to be closed. Along with the closing of Tryon Boys Commissioner Carrion also needs to go, everyone needs to inform our new Governor of the truth. She could not have managed Tryon any worse to accomplish her goal. She took away everything good and replaced them with nothing, there is nothing to do because that is the schedule and program she created and directed us to follow. She constantly changed the facility administrators each bringing a different way to run the facility, we went from over populated & under staffed to create all kinds of problems to under populated and over staffed to show waste of money. Always making employee bashing comments in the media and blaming the staff for following her policies & procedures. Try to name the things Commissioner Carrion did that made improvements to her facilities, there are none because she wanted them to fail from day one so they could be closed.

    With the closing of Tryon Boys Facility and the merger of the higher seniority Tryon Boys &Tryon Girls Facility employees how many administrators are being laid off? Zero, not even one! In the last couple months OCFS has hired several more new YC1’s and other high paid positions at Tryon Girls but are putting a large amount of staff who work hard all day everyday with the residents on lay off. Current TGR job announcements for Youth Counselor 1 Grade 18, Psychiatrist 2 Grade 38, Nurse 2 Grade 16, and Substitute Teacher with application deadlines within the next 2 weeks. Why put people out of work and hire new people when most likely this facility will be closing in the very near future just like the Boys facility? Is OCFS going to waste millions of dollars on this Girls Facility while planning it’s closure just like it did with the Boys Facility so it can just sit empty and rot away? OCFS continues to hire and keep all the ones who make the most money to hide in offices and other locations but you’re laying off the lower paid employees who actually are involved with the residents all day.

    With the closing of Tryon Boys and other OCFS facilities when are cuts going to be made at Central Office in Albany? With less facilities, less residents and less staff how can there be a need for more & more employees at Central Office? Make real cuts, eliminate ghost & unneeded highly paid positions and lower the ridiculously high salaries of those not being eliminated. Why are there so many commissioners, associate commissioners and deputy commissioners for the agency? Why does each OCFS facility have three directors who are never seen and so many administrators but not enough staff?

    Why Does Commissioner Carrion continue to pay Tryon Boys Facility Director to run a facility with no residents? Instead of reporting to central office and only showing up at Tryon Boys when Politicians and the media visit he should of been reassigned to a facility with residents where he can collect his salary of over $100,000.00 to do his job. Why does Commissioner Carrion pay an Assistant Director to continue to report to work at Tryon Boys collecting his salary around $90,000.00 when there are no residents? This is a huge waste. A Grade 18 YC1 can manage Tryon Boys Facility with no residents since they are the ones that ran the facility when there was residents. TheYC1’s were the AOD’s making the decisions. The Facility Director and Assistant Facility Directors were always hiding in their offices or always in some meeting but never around residents, never involved in program and never seen but they continue to collect those huge salaries to do what?

    Tryon Boys officially closes on January 19, 2011. Why is NYS and OCFS continues to wasting more money on this facility having contractors install a complete video camera monitoring system in the Tryon Boys school building? The same building contractors just finished installing a brand new central air heating/cooling system in. In the last three years around $10 million dollars has been put into Tryon Boys while at the same time planning and following through with its closure, who will be held accountable for the huge waste of state funds when we are in an economic crisis.


    January 30, 2011 at 7:01 am

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