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Georgia Prison Strike

Bradley Manning in Solitary Confinement

  • Solitary Watch: “Wikileakers Held in Solitary Confinement.” This topic has gotten a lot of buzz this week because of Glenn Greenwald’s post on the subject, but James Ridgeway and Jean Casella’s Solitary Watch is the go-to resource on solitary confinement whenever and wherever it occurs. As they point out, 100,000 inmates are held in solitary confinement throughout the United States.
  • Glenn Greenwald‘s original post, which also links to his interviews on MSNBC and Democracy Now.
  • Commentary from Obsidian Wings, Adam Serwer, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Matt Yglesias.

By the way, Lance Tapley has a long piece in the current Boston Review on the use of solitary confinement in American prisons, entitled “The Worst of the Worst: Supermax Torture in America.” And Atul Gawande’s 2009 article on the subject in the New Yorker, excerpted and available here, remains a must-read.

Prison Litigation News

  • Hawaii: 18 inmates outsourced to an Arizona CCA prison are suing CCA and Hawaii, alleging guards beat them and threatened to kill them.
  • Lawsuit filed in Nevada federal court: “The city of North Las Vegas along with police and jail officials were sued Wednesday over the 2009 killing of a jail inmate whom attorneys say was at risk of assault by other prisoners because he was suspected of a sex crime involving children.”
  • Ohio: Federal lawsuit filed alleging inhumane conditions in state juvenile facility, including shower surveillance by guards of the opposite sex, shackling during exercise, and forcing youth to clean the gym with toothbrushes.
  • Texas: Former inmate with autism sues a San Antonio county jail over alleged 21-day solitary confinement and withholding of medical care.
  • Also in Texas: Federal lawsuit filed by family of federal inmate who died at a GEO Group prison in El Paso; he apparently died of an epileptic seizure while in solitary confinement. Inmates rioted after seeing his body carried out.

Other Prison-related News

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