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This week, the ACLU won public access to a new set of documents about the Bagram detention center for terror detainees, and in Thailand, the Phuket jail freed 148 prisoners to mark a royal anniversary. (Too bad California doesn’t have a monarchy?) In other prison-related news around the country:

  • An all-Christian prison? Oklahoma is facing some legal and practical obstacles in its efforts to construct a private prison where all staff and programming will be born-again Christians.
  • Confusion in Alabama about who’s allowed to vote — a reminder that felon disenfranchisement is not always the result of formal laws, but often the result of misinformation among citizens and low-level bureaucrats.
  • Relatedly, Virginia Gov. McDonnell’s back-and-forth on how to process requests to reinstate ex-felon voting rights. Virginia is one of only two states that requires an application to the governor, rather than restoring rights automatically.
  • Texas county jail refused to transport inmate to get an abortion, says the ACLU. The sheriff’s response: “”It was her right, and on any given day she could have made bond and gone on her way.”
  • Since March, 14 inmates have filed individual federal lawsuits alleging abuse at New Jersey’s Camden County jail.
  • South Carolina legislature is running out of time to finalize much-debated sentencing reforms.

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May 21, 2010 at 9:20 am

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