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Monday Roundup

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Since I won’t get to post in detail on all of these stories, here’s a quick roundup of (some of the) prison and jail news that piled up last week while I was away. I’ll be back to regular posting later today.

California Prison Crisis

  • Here’s the New York Times‘ recent coverage of the overcrowding crisis. And The Economist is skeptical of an eight-year sentence for stealing cheese under California’s Three Strikes Law.
  • Criticism and debate over a recent proposal to have the UC system take over prison health care. A telemedicine company says such a plan would save the state millions, but doctors’ union attorneys counter that the UC system could end up being dragged into expensive litigation over prison conditions.
  • Critics claim California parole officers are backing off their supervisees as a result of prison overcrowding. See also this AP report on California’s recent parole reforms.
  • Sheriff Lee Baca’s electronic monitoring initiative in Los Angeles County doesn’t seem to be working; see also this NPR report on early jail releases in Los Angeles County.

New Legislation, Regulations, Proposals, etc. Around the Country

Local Jail Overcrowding

  • Sebastian County, Ark.: Prosecutors’ efforts to streamline pretrial process and free up jail space.
  • Redwood City, Calif., hires lawyer to fight county plan to build new downtown jail.
  • Bibb County, Ga.: Recently expanded jail is already overcrowded again.
  • Wichita, Kan.: A local article blaming jail overcrowding on an overburdened public defender’s office and, as a result, frequent requests for continuances in criminal cases.
  • Washtenow County, Mich.: Sheriff requests funding to staff much-needed jail expansion.
  • Rock County, Wis., approves $5+ million jail expansion project; Loudoun County, Va., maintains $3+ million funding for its own jail expansion, against a challenge that would have cancelled the funding.

Prison News Around the World


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March 29, 2010 at 7:22 am

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