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Friday Roundup (Late Edition)

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Ahoy, readers! I’m back from my trip and should be back to regular blogging soon — but in the meantime, here’s one last roundup of prison/jail news items that have piled up during my travels, and that I won’t have a chance to blog about individually.

  • Add Arizona prisoners to the list of Americans who don’t have a regular health care provider, and so rack up taxpayer dollars by seeking routine care in the ER. And in more news of Arizona: worst idea ever?
  • Colorado jail bans all newspapers — except USA Today. For those of us lucky enough to be free to read what we want: Incarcerated women are the subject of two new books, reviewed here by Daily Kos.
  • Inmates told they were getting a lice check, met with pepperball guns instead.
  • Mayor of Gary, Indiana, joins the call to count prisoners in their hometowns at census time.
  • Looking for a job in corrections? Iowa’s hiring.
  • In Virginia’s Danville News, an overview of the Prison Litigation Reform Act.
  • Strange bedfellows alert — Ward Connerly on California (yes, that Ward Connerly): “The state (and the federal government) must enact permanent, front-end reforms that will reduce the flow of prisoners into the system. At the top of that list should be repeal of all mandatory-minimum-sentence laws, including the fatally flawed “three-strikes” law.”

State Legislative Proposals, Ongoing Litigation, Etc.


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March 8, 2010 at 7:55 am

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