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The Case of the Missing Lawyer

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Here’s a weird little news item I came across: the Bay View, a “semi-radical and distinctly pro-black” free weekly out of San Francisco, has apparently been planning to file a federal lawsuit challenging various California prison policies as a violation of the First Amendment. However, it seems the paper’s lawyer, Anthony Prince (this Anthony Prince, I’m assuming), has gone missing:

We have not received any word at all as to the whereabouts of our attorney. Although it may be premature to speculate as to why we were so suddenly abandoned by our attorney, as in any struggle, we realize that there will be setbacks, but we are always hopeful that new counsel will step forward and assist us with our lofty endeavor, specifically an attorney experienced in the First Amendment, but all legal help is welcomed. … Please contact the Bay View if you have any information about attorney Anthony Prince and why his phone is disconnected and his mail returned. We are concerned about his wellbeing, and the State Bar has no information.

* I borrowed these adjectives from another blog because I wasn’t quite sure how to describe the Bay View without incurring someone’s opinion that I’d misused some political label and/or misdescribed the paper. So, this way you can direct those opinions to Amoeblog, not to me. The Bay View‘s section on prison issues is called “Behind Enemy Lines,” if that helps you place it on your own personal political spectrum.


Written by sara

February 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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