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The Prosecutor’s Case for Criminal Justice Reform

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Colorado state legislator Mark Waller (R – Colorado Springs) has introduced a bill to reduce most drug possession and use crimes to misdemeanors or lesser felonies. According to his online bio, Waller has worked as a prosecutor both in the Pueblo County DA’s office and through the Air Force, prosecuting detainees in Iraqi courts. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports:

“This is going to save millions of dollars over the years,” he said.

Waller said he championed the bill because as a former prosecuting attorney, he can back it with few political consequences.

“This isn’t something the Democrats can do alone because they don’t want to appear soft on crime,” Waller said.

Backing Waller is state Attorney General John Suthers, a former district attorney from Colorado Springs, who said the state needs to focus on treating drug addicts.

“I don’t want to fill our prisons with drug offenders,” he said.

Follow this and other Colorado reform proposals at Think Outside the Cage, the blog of the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. I’ve blogged before on Colorado’s interesting criminal justice bedfellows.

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