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The Great Michigan-Pennsylvania Prisoner Swap

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Proving that one state’s prison overcrowding crisis can be another state’s gain, (and/or that one state’s prison reform efforts can be another state’s convenient opportunity,) Michigan is emptying out its Muskegon Correctional Facility to make room for the 1,000 Pennsylvania prisoners scheduled to arrive shortly:

That’s enough [inmates] to keep the prison open and save up to 175 jobs that would have been eliminated by now. The 1,328-bed, medium-security prison was set for closing sometime in January as Michigan reduces its statewide prison population through earlier paroles and fewer prison returns for parole violators.

The deal isn’t for a set duration, but it’s expected to keep MCF operating at least through the end of 2013 and possibly longer, according to a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania prison system.

Under the deal, Pennsylvania will pay Michigan $62 per inmate per day to house its inmates, with the Michigan Department of Corrections running and staffing the prison. The deal is expected to net Michigan an average daily “profit” of $2.15 for each inmate at current operating costs.


Written by sara

February 1, 2010 at 10:47 am

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